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2009 Christmas Street Decoration Photo Shoot

Took my camera and walked around Singapore over few nights to capture the Christmas Street Decoration.

Interesting Creatures found at my Home

I am staying at 17th floor. But occasionally, there will be interesting visitors coming over to pay a visit…. I would call these visitors creatures. As far as possible, I will get my camera, but on my macro lens, and take photos of these creatures visitors…. Some are very co-operative to be my model, but […]

Nature and Wild Photos at Telok Blangah Hill

It was a Good Friday Public Holiday. Walked up to Henderson Wave, Southern Rift and walk over to Telok Blangah Hill. From the Henderson Wave, walk along the path at Telok Blangah Hill, through the Forest Walk and finally at HortPark. Good that my wife was with me. She has a sharp eye for small […]

Chinatown Chinese New Year Countdown

I was at Chinatown last night for the Chinese New Year Countdown. It was so crowded, despite that it was raining. I was quite late. I managed to find a spot at Chinatown Complex carpark, where I can park my tripod. I was a bit disappointed by the timing sequence. Just before fire cracker was […]

Shooting at Rain

It was raining very heavily when I woke up in the morning. It is still raining when I am writing this post. At idea came to me as I open my eyes. Why not, I set my lens to manual mode, switch on the flash, set the shutter speed to be very fast and shoot […]