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Noodle, Fried Rice and Omelet in Phuket

During a dinner in Phuket, we ordered a noodle, a fried rice and omelet. These three dishes gave us much surprise on the tasty, value-for-money Thai cooking. First we had the Seafood soup noodles. The noodle was a white color type. There are a generous serving of seafood. There were prawns, squids and vegetables in […]

Using Draw to draw Diagram

Is there any free software out there can be used to create professional looking diagram? Recently, I need to draw block diagrams for some presentations and reports. I began to explore using the free vector-based diagramming program Draw to create such diagrams. I have used other expensive vector-based diagramming program before. Comparing to these […]

Scott Adam’s Dilbert Comic strips and Robert Kiyosaki’s Concept for Financial Education

I can’t help but to think there is some link between some of Scott Adam’s Dilbert Comic strips and Robert Kiyosaki’s concept for financial education, especially in his latest book, Conspiracy of the Rich. There are some lessons to be learned from Dilbert Comic Strips which are highlighted in Robert Kiyosaki’s books.