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My First Successful Attempt of Taking Photos of Lightning

I find that taking photo of lightning bolt is a very difficult task. We need to be at the right place, right time and right equipment. Lightning occurs very fast. Before we can react to snap, the lightning is over. To me, taking photo of lightning bolt was like a gamble. We have to snap […]

Taking a Photo of the Moon

Last week, it was almost a full moon shining bright up there. I had not successfully taken any photo of a moon before; I took this opportunity to test doing so. I took my camera and my furthest telezoom lens to somewhere I would not be disturbed and I could get a clear view of […]

Shooting Fireworks with Point & Shoot Camera

When we see look most photos of fireworks, we find that most of these photos were taken using (D)SLR Cameras. Nowadays, most people own a digital point and shoot camera? Can these camera capable of taking good, beautiful fireworks photos? Especially those with trailing lights? I had shot many fireworks with Point and Shoot Cameras […]