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Scott Adam’s Dilbert Comic strips and Robert Kiyosaki’s Concept for Financial Education

I can’t help but to think there is some link between some of Scott Adam’s Dilbert Comic strips and Robert Kiyosaki’s concept for financial education, especially in his latest book, Conspiracy of the Rich. There are some lessons to be learned from Dilbert Comic Strips which are highlighted in Robert Kiyosaki’s books.

New Chapter and Additional Chapter for Conspiracy of the Rich

I just received an e-mail that Robert Kiyosaki has posted his latest Chapter 11 – An Unfair Advantage for his book, Conspiracy of the Rich. “Chapter 11 Just Posted – An Unfair Advantage! It’s true. The rich have an unfair advantage – a great financial education. Learn how the rich view the world through the […]

Time is Running Out to Read Conspiracy of the Rich Online

Today, I received an email from the Rich Dad Company, informing me that, the book Conspiracy of the Rich by Robert Kiyosaki will only be available online for free until 7th July 2009. After that, it will only available as hardcopy in bookstores. This means, we have less than one month to read this amazing […]

Is there a Conspiracy of the Rich as mentioned by Robert Kiyosaki?

Is there a conspiracy between the Rich and the Governments to make the Rich even Richer? Are there network connections which the people in the governments are voted in to make the rich even richer or cover the faults made by the rich? I just started reading book “Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New […]