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Sights of Seattle

Beautiful Sights of Seattle, Washington, USA.

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2010_03_21 A Morning at Hort Park

Spent a morning at Hort Park. Took a few macro photos.

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Tiger Photos

The Chinese Year of the Tiger is approaching. I recalled that, I had taken some Tiger photos sometime in 2007 when I was on a working trip to South Africa. These Tigers were not from South Africa, but from India.

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2009 Christmas Street Decoration

Christmas 2009 Street Decoration in Singapore.

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Hong Kong - Eat, Eat and Eat!

Hong Kong - the paradise of food! Eat, eat and eat every corner..... The stomach is the limit!

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2009_10_15 A Trip to Little India

Deepavali is coming. Made a trip to Little India and see how the Indians prepared to celebrate.

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2009_08_22 Kukup

Sent a weekend at Kukup.

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2009_08_16 2009 Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention

Visited 2009 Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention at Suntec City Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore. My favorite coplay was the Gundam. I think he really put in a lot lot of effort into making it. Incredible!

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Street of Mongkok on a Saturday Afternoon

I was strolling along the busy street of Mongkok on a Saturday Afternoon about 2 months ago. The street was full of vibrancy. This was very youth street. There are many young people in different attire giving our flyers promoting business. And I can find many, many photographers with their heavy equipment showing the streets, the crowds, and the young beautiful girls :-). I, too, took out my camera and snapped many pictures. When I was leaving the place, I saw two ambulances rushing across. Later, then I read the news on the acid throwing incident. Wow, I was fortunate that I was not one of the victims.

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Creatures found in my home

I am staying at 17th floor.... but somehow, often, there are creatures suddenly appear in my home..... some are co-operative and let me take photos.... but most are not..........

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2009 04 10 Nature Walk

Photos taken at Telok Blangah Hill, Singapore

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