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Penang – Eat and Makan

Penang, Malaysia, is a food heaven. And no trip to Penang is completed without sampling various type of food. Of course, during my recent trip there, one important thing to do was to makan (eating in Malay), eat, eat and eat! I managed to try out quite a number of dishes. Although we could find […]

Sights of Seattle

Seattle is the largest city in the state of Washington, USA. I first got to hear about this city was from the movie “Sleepless in Seattle”, although I had not watched this movie. Nevertheless, I find Seattle is a beautiful city with a flavorful history. Moving around within in Seattle is fairly easy. You can […]

A Visit to LEGOLAND Malaysia

LEGOLAND Malaysia was opened for a couple of months, and I finally visited it last week. When we arrived at LEGOLAND, I was surprised by the long queue at the ticketing counters. Lucky for us, we booked the package from the official travel agent. On top of the transport from Singapore Flyer to LEGOLAND, we […]

Noodle, Fried Rice and Omelet in Phuket

During a dinner in Phuket, we ordered a noodle, a fried rice and omelet. These three dishes gave us much surprise on the tasty, value-for-money Thai cooking. First we had the Seafood soup noodles. The noodle was a white color type. There are a generous serving of seafood. There were prawns, squids and vegetables in […]

Eat, Eat & Eat in Phuket

Just spent a few days relaxing in Phuket, Thailand. I found that eating that is simply great! The food there was not expensive but yet very tasty. These are just some of the food I had taken there.

Hong Kong – Eat, Eat and Eat

Hong Kong is a food paradise! There are variety of foods available. Food eateries at every corner. And there are food available almost round the clock. During the 2 days in Hong Kong, we tried our best to try as many type of food available. But there is a limit our stomachs can take. Here […]

Weekend at Kukup

Spent the last weekend at Kukup fishing village in Johor, Malaysia. It was a few hours of bus journey to the village. Took the “cruise” to Palau Kukup and took the nature walk. Saw a lot of crabs, mud slipper, a monkey and a few monitor lizard. The village itself was very peaceful, a get […]