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Voting for Speakers Who Did Not Meeting the Timing Requirement in Toastmasters Meeting

In a recent Toastmasters Club Meeting, 2 project speakers spoken more than the time allocated for their presentation. As a result, they were not eligible to be voted as the best speaker. The Toastmaster referred this to the club President. Without a thought, the President quickly replied that, to let the two speakers to be […]

Website Options

Recently, I was asked about the options available for creating a website for a Toastmasters Club, due to my experiences in setting up websites. Before I got into details, I asked him to check with his host organization on the corporate communications or public relations policy. This was because his club is a in-house club […]

Situation with Careless Language Usage

In our everyday conversation, we have a tendency to be careless in our English Language. Sometimes, our carelessness could result in unintended message. During a Toastmasters Meeting, I was guiding a first time evaluator to evaluate a Project 2 Speech on Organize Your Speech. The speaker was young beautiful lady.

How Toastmasters have made an Impact in My Life?

“How Toastmasters have made an Impact in your life?” “How Toastmasters have changed your life?” These are some of the common questions being asked, during Toastmasters Club Speechcraft sessions or Demonstration Meetings. Toastmasters have changed my life for the better in many ways. This is one of the stories which I shared during such events.

Thoughts on Toastmasters Speech Contests Judges

Recently, a fellow Toastmaster member shared with me that he is not taking parting in the coming Club Speech Contests. The reason is that he wanted to judge in Speech Contests. He further shared proudly that during last contests in which he judged, his placing was very close to the result. When I first started […]

June – Confusing Month for Toastmasters Officers (Current and Incoming)

June is a very confusing month for Toastmasters Officers, especially for those current and incoming District Officers. The current officers are giving their final push for the goals and the incoming officers are doing preparation work for the new term. A common confusion faced by most incoming Area Governors is that, the newly elected Division […]

Thought after Being a General Evaluator

On Friday, I was invited to be a General Evaluator for a Toastmasters Meeting. I had not been a General Evaluator for a very long time. Nowadays, Toastmasters Clubs in Singapore are dropping General Evaluation from the program. Many think that Language Evaluation is more important than General Evaluation. The members think that they learn […]