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Situation with Careless Language Usage

In our everyday conversation, we have a tendency to be careless in our English Language. Sometimes, our carelessness could result in unintended message. During a Toastmasters Meeting, I was guiding a first time evaluator to evaluate a Project 2 Speech on Organize Your Speech. The speaker was young beautiful lady.

My Cubicle – The Music Video

Years ago, a good friend sent me the MP3 of this song, My Cubicle. I had a good laugh. This song highlights the interesting part of office life. Recently, for unknown reason, I decided to go to YouTube and check if there is a music video on this. And there are many music video made […]

A Morning at Chatuchak Weekend Market

It was a hot sunny morning at the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, Thailand. Chatuchak Weekend Market is the largest weekend market in Bangkok and contains over 5,000 stalls over 35 acres. Anyone can be easily lost in this big market. One tourist was looking at his map of the weekend market. He was confused, […]