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Loading Facebook Cafe World

Somehow, recently, I noticed that the Facebook Cafe World was loading slower than before. In the past, everything was loaded at one shot. Now, Facebook Cafe World is loading portions by portions. As a result, we can easily capture the screen sequence of the loading.

Facebook Cafe World Layout: Let the Customers Walk

I think I have one of the most unconventional layout for Facebook Cafe World. And I don’t know if such layout would get me ahead with Facebook Cafe World, but I do know, I have some fun watching the customers walk. It was all started when I messed around with my wife’s Facebook Cafe World […]

Gaining Ground in Facebook Mafia Wars Cuba

After so long, I finally moved on to other areas in Facebook Mafia Wars game. At the moment, there were only 2 other places in Mafia Wars, Cuba and Moscow. (Bangkok was almost ready.) When I first started in these 2 places, I realized that I was starting another ball game in Mafia Wars, especially […]

How to Dominate Facebook Mafia Wars Guides Listing

I have been seeing my friends posted their Mafia Wars on the Facebook walls. And I saw the advertisement on the high number of players playing this game. This make me curious to try out the game myself. And that was how I started playing this Mafia Wars. Throughout, I had some interesting unexpected gain […]

Some Bugs in Facebook Mafia Wars?

Are there some bugs in Mafia Wars on Facebook? I have suspected there are some occasional bugs in the Mafia Wars Game or is this intentional? The first time was during the Halloween special Job – Rob the Candy Truck. According to the rule, we can only rob the candy truck once a day at […]