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Choosing between Canon EOS-60D and EOS-600D

My friend asked me, why did I choose to purchase Canon EOS-600D instead of Canon EOS-60D? I had been using Canon EOS-400D for over 4 years. It had been serving me faithfully. Unfortunately, recently, the built-in flash was not functioning properly and it was too expensive to get it repair. As such, I need to […]

Purchasing My Blu-Ray Player

I was in no hurry to purchase my Blu-Ray player, till I bought my Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) [Blu-ray]. Purchasing a Blu-Ray Player was not really an easy task for me. There were many inexpensive Blu-Ray Players out there on the market. But I had other thoughts. My current set-up was a […]

Star Wars Video Collection

That day, I was showing off my recently purchased Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) [Blu-ray]. One friend excitedly excited, “You bought this set already! I was figuring out how to convince my wife to allow me to get one!” He carried on, “I am unlikely to watch these discs anytime soon. I had […]

Some Signs Spotted in Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip is famous for its fanciful lightings and signage. There are many small signages along the way which hardly attract the attention of passers-by. These signs were small ones held by people there. I did not take the pictures of these sign, but I recorded the wordings. Very Hungry and Thirsty. Any Amount […]

Bought the MechTech Deluxe Toy – Bumblebee from the Movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon

I can’t resist the temptation and bought a toy from the movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Last evening, my friends asked me to join them to watch this movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon 3D. I did not watch the first 2 movies. But I had heard that the review was good and I […]

My First Successful Attempt of Taking Photos of Lightning

I find that taking photo of lightning bolt is a very difficult task. We need to be at the right place, right time and right equipment. Lightning occurs very fast. Before we can react to snap, the lightning is over. To me, taking photo of lightning bolt was like a gamble. We have to snap […]

Camera with the Biggest LCD

During a recent event, when the models were doing cat walk on the stage, most of the audience was busy clicking off the cameras, taking photos of the models. I noticed a man, not too far away in front, holding a very bright panel. And he was taking photo with it.

Noodle, Fried Rice and Omelet in Phuket

During a dinner in Phuket, we ordered a noodle, a fried rice and omelet. These three dishes gave us much surprise on the tasty, value-for-money Thai cooking. First we had the Seafood soup noodles. The noodle was a white color type. There are a generous serving of seafood. There were prawns, squids and vegetables in […]

A Day Cruise for Phi Phi Islands

“You may like to take a cruise to Phi Phi Islands, if you have not planned anythings for your stay in Phuket.” That was the suggestion from the person who fetch us from the Airport to the hotel in Phuket. Since we had made no plans for our stay in Phuket, we took up the […]