Noodle, Fried Rice and Omelet in Phuket

During a dinner in Phuket, we ordered a noodle, a fried rice and omelet. These three dishes gave us much surprise on the tasty, value-for-money Thai cooking.

First we had the Seafood soup noodles. The noodle was a white color type. There are a generous serving of seafood. There were prawns, squids and vegetables in the soup.
Thai Soup Noodle

When the fried rice was served, it looked like just a simple plate of fried rice. However, upon further look, we found the gems were all buried in the rice. There were again prawns and squids hidden.
Thai Seafood Fried Rice

Just like the fried rice, the omelet looked like an egg bun, so originally looking. There was a knife provided. We used the knife to cut open the omelet. The gems were in there. Inside the omelet, there was a generous chili crab.
Thai Crab Omelet

This was another delicious meal I had in Phuket. And I know I will definitely miss the food there.

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