Eat, Eat & Eat in Phuket

Just spent a few days relaxing in Phuket, Thailand. I found that eating that is simply great! The food there was not expensive but yet very tasty. These are just some of the food I had taken there.

I did not order these. This was part of the Cruise package to Phi Phi Islands. The waitress would refill any dishes which were empty. We were sharing these dishes with another 4 persons and a baby.

We ordered this at our first evening there. This was in a Chinese Thai Restaurant, in Patong.

This was the Tom Yam Soup, the only local soup we could find in Phuket. We also found that the Chinese Tom Yam Soup was very red and very spicy. Whereas, Thai’s Tom Yam Soup was clear and less spicy.

This was a Thai BBQ Stingray. I ordered a piece. I was shocked to find that a piece actually meant that the whole fish! This Stingray has a layer of curry leaves and some other spices.

KFC? Yes, we just want to try some of the fast food in Phuket. We found that the similarity of the KFC in Phuket and Singapore was that the pieces of chicken were equally small. The KFC in Phuket gave really huge drinks. They also have some local dishes, like this one in the picture – steamed rice with chicken chop and green curry sauce.

These are some of the dishes which I had taken in Phuket. I will be sharing more in the next posts.

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