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Recently, I was asked about the options available for creating a website for a Toastmasters Club, due to my experiences in setting up websites.

Before I got into details, I asked him to check with his host organization on the corporate communications or public relations policy. This was because his club is a in-house club under a host organization.

Most host organizations, especially companies, have strict policies to protect the company image or branding. The Toastmasters Clubs under the organizations also have to observe these policies on top of the Toastmasters policies.

Over the years, I had seen Toastmasters Clubs being shut down by the host organizations, partly because of the policy issues. But on the positive note, some host organizations provide free web hosting for its affiliated Toastmasters Club, either in the public or intranet domain.

Community Clubs have more options on setting up a club website, and many of such options are free.

The first one is the freetoasthoast ( -> the official one recommended by Toastmasters International.

I personally have not used it myself, but I know there are many clubs using it. I had checked with some of the users, and in general, the feedback is most likely positive as such.
1. easy to use
2. the template is there with most of the Toastmasters publicity material

Personally, I have observed the only set back: the club website will look like most other clubs’ websites. It is not easily to stand out.

I have known other free options as follows:
1. Blogspot or Blogger (

The setback for these options, is other than blogspot, the other 2 will put ads to on the website.

Of course, there are some clubs prefer to have their website with paid hosting services, and this shall be discussed in the future posts.

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