Situation with Careless Language Usage

In our everyday conversation, we have a tendency to be careless in our English Language. Sometimes, our carelessness could result in unintended message.

During a Toastmasters Meeting, I was guiding a first time evaluator to evaluate a Project 2 Speech on Organize Your Speech. The speaker was young beautiful lady.

I started by guiding by asking, “What do you think of her introduction?”

“What do you think of her conclusion?”

And lastly, I asked, “What do you think of her BODY?”

At this point, a senior Toastmaster cautioned me, “Hi, mind your wordings, it is her speech body, not her body!

In this situation, it clearly demonstrated the importance of being careful in our wordings. A missing word could have a completely different meaning and lead to embarrassing situation.

Imagine, the evaluator, standing in front of everyone, commented, “You have an interesting body.”

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