Facebook Cafe World Layout: Let the Customers Walk

02 February 2010 | Facebook,Hobby | Tags: , , ,

I think I have one of the most unconventional layout for Facebook Cafe World. And I don’t know if such layout would get me ahead with Facebook Cafe World, but I do know, I have some fun watching the customers walk.

It was all started when I messed around with my wife’s Facebook Cafe World Game. I did so much mischief that, she made me add Cafe World game application in my own Facebook account.

After a short while playing “progressively” with the Cafe World game, I began to put my creativity in the Cafe World game on the layout.

According to the Cafe World Strategy Guide, the layout, how to decorate the cafe, placement of the tables etc will not only impact the ambiance of the place. It will also affect the cafe ability to succeed in the game and grow business.

There were two general suggestions from Cafe World Strategy Guide on layout.

First was to have easy access for the customers. The furniture has to be arranged such that the customers are able to get to all available tables and chairs.

The second was to was to “Save the Waiter’s Legs”. This was to arrange the furniture in such a way to minimize the time getting back and forth from the serving counters to the tables. And to help the waiters more time to serve the customers, we can give the customer a “long walk to their tables”, even “putting in a lot of twists and turns”.

The first was easy. I arranged the tables and chairs in a single row. The customers can easily access to all the chairs and tables.

To “Save the Waiter’s Legs”, I minimized the distance the between the tables and the serving counters. In fact, the distance was only a corridor of single square units.

I put in a lot of effort to ensure that the customers would take a long time to reach the tables. In fact, I think I reached a point of overdoing so.

I put rows of barriers in such a manner that the customers have to walk zig-zag for half the cafe before they can reach the tables. I wanted to make a maze using the barriers. Unfortunately, I do not have enough space in the restaurant for me to make an effective one. Maybe after I had expanded my cafe bigger, I would make another attempt to make a complex maze.

The final result that I observed was, at any one time, at most, four out of the eight tables were occupied. But it is really interesting to watch the customers walking a long, long way, half of the cafe to and fro the door and tables. And because of the long walk, the cafe look very “crowded”.

The Facebook Cafe World is an interesting game for us to try out the various layout. I will be definitely trying out more complex layout to make the customers walk, and make the customers walk a lot more! There could be more ideas from Cafe World Strategy Guide for us to try out.

Facebook Cafe World Screen Shot

Let the Customers Walk

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