Gaining Ground in Facebook Mafia Wars Cuba

After so long, I finally moved on to other areas in Facebook Mafia Wars game. At the moment, there were only 2 other places in Mafia Wars, Cuba and Moscow. (Bangkok was almost ready.) When I first started in these 2 places, I realized that I was starting another ball game in Mafia Wars, especially in Cuba.

In these places, I found that I had to start from ground zero in term of cash. There is absolutely 0 cash in either place. Next thing, I found that there is absolutely no use for Influence Points. The consolation was that, by default, each of these two places started with a small business which generated some income every 3 hours.

Mafia Wars Cuba was much worse off. The starting job, requiring 11 Energy, only provided C$227 minus the bribe. And the next job, Secure A Safehouse, required us to purchase items totaling C$5,000. This job cost 33 Energy only provided C$682. Proportionally, there was not much difference doing either job. The business was generate only C$200 every 3 hours. It cost C$12,000 to buy the next business.

In short, the main challenge in Mafia Wars Cuba was low income but expensive items.

Despite of that, I realized that, it was not that difficult to gain ground in this challenging Mafia Wars Cuba. I simply applied what I learned from a book I recently read – Rich Dad’s Increase Your Financial IQ: Get Smarter with Your Money.

Making Money

This was the most fundamental – make money. One challenge in Mafia Wars Cuba was that each job generated very little income. But little income was better than none. So instead of doing any more jobs in Mafia Wars New York, I spent all the Energy doing jobs in Mafia Wars Cuba getting the little income. And after realizing the portion in the income vs Energy, I put gaining mastery aside. I just focused on doing the same job over and over again. Step-by-step, little-by-little, we can create the required amount to help us to gain sufficient grounds in Mafia Wars Cuba.

Protect the Money

The bank in Mafia Wars Cuba was expensive. They charged 10% for each deposit. But I realized that, not depositing the money in bank was even more expensive. At one time, I managed to gain slightly more than C$7,000 through the job and business. When I logged again several hours later, I was taken back to see the balance was now less than C$5,000. During these hours, there were other players challenged me for fights. And when I lost, I lost a portion of the money to the other player. As a result, I lost C$2,000. This was 30% lost, more expensive than the bank charge. So now, I put the money in the bank to get it protected. This protection ensured that the money gained would not be lost to other players in Fights.

Leveraging Money

This was especially in the game Mafia Wars Cuba and most other Facebook games. The mode of doing so in Mafia Wars Cuba was to purchase and upgrade business. After days of doing jobs and ripping from the C$200 per 3 hours business, I managed to buy the next tier business – Tobacco Plantation. It gave addition C$400 every 3 hours. Although it did not look much, I practically stop doing job in Mafia Wars Cuba from that point onwards. I focused my Energy back to Mafia Wars New York jobs to gain Mastery. I used the income from these 2 businesses to buy upgrades in the business. Soon, the income grew from C$600 to over C$1,000 every 3 hours. And it was still growing.

Mafia Wars Cuba’s condition of low income but expensive items may pose a challenge when we first entered this arena. But by applying what these knowledge, we can easily gain ground.

Those who wanted to find out strategies particularly to gain superior ground in Mafia Wars fast can checked out the guides in the market place listed in the other post.

Rich Dad’s Increase Your Financial IQ: Get Smarter with Your Money was about gaining financial education in our real life, and not on playing Facebook games. I simply use the Facebook games as a platform to apply what I learned from the book and have a better understanding. I strongly recommend anyone who wish to get educated on financial IQ to read Rich Dad’s Increase Your Financial IQ: Get Smarter with Your Money.

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