Some Bugs in Facebook Mafia Wars?

Are there some bugs in Mafia Wars on Facebook?

I have suspected there are some occasional bugs in the Mafia Wars Game or is this intentional?

The first time was during the Halloween special Job – Rob the Candy Truck. According to the rule, we can only rob the candy truck once a day at most. During the second day, after robbing the truck for the first time, it allowed me to rob it again! And it even allowed me to rob it for the third time. Too bad, I did not have enough energy to rob it for the third time. But later in the day, when I log onto it again, it did not allow me to rob it again… :-(

And for the rest of the Halloween Special Session, I could not rob the Candy Truck more than once….. So much for the bug…. Anyway, I got my bonus of an extra loot!

The other time was this morning. The problem with the Rackets is that after some time, it is not the money issue. It is the problem of not enough influence points to shake down the rackets.

This morning, I was surprised to find the influence point missing from the heading. Instead of using influence points for the shake up, it required Money or cash…. I quickly started at least 5 rackets shake down. I would have to wait for days or even weeks to accumulate that amount of influence points to do the same thing.

AND….. a few hours later, the Mafia Wars was back to “normal” again… and have to use influence point instead of cash for shaking down the rackets…..

But, I have made a killing already anyway.

I wonder what other occasional bugs would I encountered in the future… And hopefully, can again make a killing from these bugs!

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  • 1 Daddio Says:

    Playing Mafia Wars rackets over the past few days I have managed to accumulate a large amount of Influence points. Today I shook down to rackets with 72 influence points. The rackets were 4-hour rackets and I checked on them an hour early just to see how close they were to finishing. Much to my surprise and dismay, two of the large point rackets were completely gone from the shake down list and the influence points are missing and I would assume, gone for good. I e-mailed Zynga today but do not expect any positive results. This kinda pisses me off because it takes a long time to earn influence points unless you’re buying them, and I don’t buy them.

  • 2 admin Says:

    Hi, Daddio,

    Thank for the sharing…. I faced the same situation, too sometime. The influence point seem to be “gone” or “reduced” or “missing”.

    AND, I don’t buy influence points, too.

    So, sometimes, we can just hope for more of such “bugs” to appear, and we are at the right time and right place to make use of these “bugs”.

    Kim Loon

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