Received My Cashflow 101 the E-game

Cashflow 101 the E-gameAfter weeks of waiting, I finally received my Cashflow 101 the E-game. This is the software version of Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow 101 board game.

What I like about this game is that, it is a software. I just need to install on a computer and I can play it anytime without having to look for friends to play the board game version. I can choose the number of computer players in the game.

Like the board game version, the character occupation is random. Of course, we can click on “back” and “next” repeatedly to “select” the occupation we want.

An interesting part of the game is any time I need some help, there is a help function. I can click on it and get additional information, may it be the investment, or market situation. This provides us with more information to build up our financial knowledge.

The game also has attention gasping animated rat and tortoise. These two characters occasionally would comment on our decisions.

Overall, I quite enjoy this game, playing to build my financial knowledge while having fun. This is one game which I strongly recommend.

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