June – Confusing Month for Toastmasters Officers (Current and Incoming)

June is a very confusing month for Toastmasters Officers, especially for those current and incoming District Officers. The current officers are giving their final push for the goals and the incoming officers are doing preparation work for the new term.

A common confusion faced by most incoming Area Governors is that, the newly elected Division Governor would task them to contact the clubs served by them, asking them to submit the club officer listings. They are confused, because, officially, their term will be starting in 1st July. They are unsure if this should come under their duties or the job of the current term Area Governors.

Some of the incoming Area Governors are also currently serving their term as club officers. They still have the final month to clear their club officers’ responsibilities and to push for the club goals.

As a result, the Area Governors are confused.

When I took up the role as an Area Governor in June, the first tasks given to my by my Division Governor-Elect was to ask the clubs to submit the club officers list. Years later, when I was elected as Division Governor, the first thing I have asked my incoming Area Governors to ask the clubs for club officer list submission.

We have good reasons why it is so as follows:
1. The ½ DCP goal will go to the new term.
2. A chance for the incoming Area Governors to get to know the club officers within the Area.

Understanding this would clear the part of the confusion. The other confusion is to get the club officers listing submission done and to finish the unfinished work as current term officers.

This is part of the training as Area Governor, to plan, organize and manage the tasks. I would recommend that the Area Governors to set priority on the current officers work and focus to get it done before the deadline.

This, however, does not mean to completely put the club officers submission aside. The clubs have to submit the listing by 30 June to get the ½ DCP goal.

The tick to perform this is NOT to rush but to have a plan to do so systematically. The plan to do so is first drop an e-mail to remind the outgoing Presidents to do so and monitor the submission. Toastmasters International will post the submission in the report site. Around 15th June, e-mail and send SMS messages to remind those, who have not submit, to do so. Last week of June, call the outgoing club presidents to submit, if they have not done so.

Taking up the Area Governor is a challenging and yet rewarding experience. Although it can be confusing initially, it is a great learning experience if understand reasons behind the task and the way to complete the task. Through this experience, we learn to plan, organize and manage the tasks.

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